Episode Recap:

Thien-Kim and I talked about

  • The work from home mom life
  • Doing whatever you want by pissing off your Asian parents so badly they don’t care about anything else you do
  • How Bawdy Bookworms got started
  • Talking to kids (and maybe your parents?) about sex
  • The power of focusing

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Guest Bio:

Thien-Kim Lam is the founder and Chief Erotica Officer of Bawdy Bookworms. The curated boxes are the perfect partnership of Thien-Kim’s love of romance books and passion for empowering women’s sexuality. Ever since she snuck a copy of The Sleeping Beauty Chronicles by Anne Rice in her stack of SAT study guides, Thien-Kim has been on the search for sexy, smart romance. Years later, instead of sneaking around to purchase and read them, she’s helping more women discover fun, steamy books and encouraging them to take charge of their sexual pleasure.

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